Sobea is designed with much love and spirituality by Beatrice Sjöberg Magnusson.
She is a mother who knows what is missing in the wardrobe when you want to feel comfortable and luxurious at the same time. When you play with the kids, work, breastfeed, do yoga or just relax, Sobea will make you feel beautiful with its’ great fittings and lovely qualities. The kids collection is loved by the kids themselves due to the softness and great comfort. The fact that the child and mother can match is much appreciated just like the recipe that is attached to the garment. To use organic cotton and show respect to the Earth is really important to Beatrice. Her big wish when you wear Sobea is that you will feel happy, beautiful and inspired to smile to one another. It´s So Bea!

And so do YOU when you buy a Sobea item! You have made a great choise by chosen our clothes. The cotton in Sobeas clothes is organic and the factory that we use is certified by GOTS. GOTS sets environmental standards throughout the manufacturing process and includes the cultivation, harvesting, production, processes, manufacture, packaging and labeling. Read more here!
Peace, Love and Respect to the earth!

Beatrice is also a certified Yoga Teacher.
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